Dear Quadio Artists, 


We at V are so looking forward to getting to know you! But first, we’d love to tell you a bit about us. Though we are a fashion magazine, V has long lived at the intersection of music and fashion. Given music’s vital role in reflecting culture—youth culture, especially—we’d be hard-pressed to find one of our 124 issues that didn’t cover new or emerging musicians in some way. So to partner with a youth-oriented platform like Quadio just feels right.  


Before this partnership began, V was blurring the lines between “fashion” and “music”. In our first dedicated “Music Issue” (V75), Sky Ferreira dressed up like Madonna, and Mario Sorrenti shot backstage at a Metallica show. Later, following numerous cover appearances, Lady Gaga guest-edited her very own issue—V99. More recently, Virgil Abloh “nominated” a psychedelic jam-band to be featured in V117, while Lizzo danced with model Alton Mason on the cover of V119. (For these issues and more, browse our shop-site!) 


Clearly, the marriage of music and fashion is an ever-changing landscape—one we strive to reflect in V. Still, if there’s one aspect of that landscape that V might better reflect, it’s how access to music is changing. We see Quadio as exhibit A, and V can’t wait to hear more. More information coming soon at [IG + Twitter], and VMAN @VMAN [IG + Twitter]! 



Mr. V

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