What is Quadio?


Quadio is a music streaming and social media platform, combined with a live events business, designed to change the way music is made, discovered, and enjoyed in college communities. Our motto from day one has been #makemusicmakefriends because our mission is to bring the best two things in life together in a way that is fun,

easy, exciting, and totally free. 

How does Quadio work?

Quadio is open to everyone with an .edu email address, current students and alumni alike. Once you log on, you can: 

▶️ Create a user profile.

▶️ Search for musical collaborators and message them.

▶️ Listen to new music being made on your campus and at schools across the country, searching by community, location, or genre.

▶️ Like, comment on, and share your favorite tracks.

▶️ Check out what songs are climbing the charts locally, regionally, and nationally, and show your support for those you especially love.


Additional functionality is being added regularly to make Quadio even more useful, seamless, and fun. 


Who started Quadio?

Quadio was founded by two music fanatics, step-cousins Joe Welch and Marcus Welch. Joe was a college musician himself, producing EDM tracks while majoring in Economics at Williams. Marcus majored in Communications and minored in Music at Cornell, before working at Twitter and Blizzard. In 2018, Joe and Marcus joined forces with veteran engineer Bill Johnston, and 18 intense months later, Quadio was ready for launch. Quadio currently has about 50 people making it all happen and is located in New York City. 

I am having tech issues on the platform. What should I do?


Please click on your photo in the upper right hand corner of the platform and  select “Contact Us.” That will enable you to live chat with a customer service rep or search for help with your particular problem. If you're not logged onto the platform but wish to submit feedback, please email us at help@quadio.com.

How do I get featured on Quadio’s Instagram feed?

Generally, Quadio’s content is generated by which artists are topping the charts or rising fast, but we do occasionally feature artists who are dropping notable albums or tracks. Please reach out to our Artist Relations team at ar@quadio.com.

Can I use Quadio if I’m not in college?

If you don’t have an .edu email address, hold tight. Plans are in the works to let everyone listen to the great music being uploaded to Quadio daily. Quadio is also considering the possibility of scaling into other kinds of communities.

Incidentally, if you once had an .edu email address but have lost it or don’t remember it, many schools allow alumni to create a new .edu email address. Check with your school's alumni office for details.

How can I find out about Quadio’s Live Events?

Contact your Quadio Campus Rep and/or follow us @QuadioMedia on Instagram. To find out who your campus rep is-- or if your college has one-- please email eve@quadio.com.

How do I become a Quadio Campus Rep?

Thanks for your interest in joining the sQuad! Please email eve@quadio.com for more information. For all other job inquiries, please email careers@quadio.com.


15 W 27th Street,

New York, NY 10001