March Madness may be cancelled — but we've got our own way to celebrate, a March Madness for MUSIC, brought to you by Quadio. Support your school, rep your region, and win the nation during March Music Madness 2020. For the rest of the month, songs by artists from each region will compete against each other, keeping this college tradition alive… just from your room.


marchmadnessbracket (3).jpg

Qualification is secured and each round is won by a different kind of engagement with a single track:

  • Qualify for the tournament - New Likes from March 17-20

  • Sweet 16 - New Likes from March 17-24

  • Elite 8 - New Plays from March 17-27

  • Final 4 - New Comments from March 17-30 (One Comment Per User)

  • The Championship - Instagram Vote on March 31


  • March 17 at 12 PM: Tournament Begins

  • March 21 – March 24 : SWEET 16 Competition 

  • March 25 – March 27: ELITE 8 Competition

  • March 28 – March 30: FINAL 4 Competition



The Details

  • To qualify for the Sweet 16 bracket, artists need to rally their community to add new likes to one of their tracks. The Sweet 16 competitors will be the four artists with the most new likes from each of the four Quadio regions (Northeast, South, Midwest, West)

  • The four artists from each region with the most likes overall on March 24th will move on to compete to make it onto the Elite 8 bracket, where they’ll be competing for who can get the most new plays by March 27th.

  • The Elite 8 finalists from each region will move onto compete to be the Final 4, where they will be ranked by who obtains the most new comments (one comment per user) by March 30th

  • The Final 4 will compete based on who has the comments on their track by March 30.

  • On March 31st, the two finalists will be posted on the @QuadioMedia Instagram account, where we’ll ask our IG audience to vote for their favorite song. The winner will be crowned the March Music Madness Champion!

Fine Print

  • We care about keeping the platform fair for all artists on Quadio. That means any artists found to be participating in March Music Madness unfairly will be disqualified from the competition.

  • Each artist can have up to one song qualify for the bracket.

  • Winnings will be awarded per song. If there are multiple artists on the song, it is up to the group to determine how to split the winnings.

  • In the presence of a tie, winners will be decided by a secondary engagement metric.


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