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Antonio Romero


Favorite place in New York?
Governor's Island
How would you describe your music?
As pretty and comforting as I can make it.
How does New York influence you and your art?
New York gives the opportunity to immediately transition between worlds, changing lenses on every corner, and to come face to face with the beautiful and the ugly parts of how we choose to coexist — those moments of whiplash are where new ideas flourish.
If you absolutely had to live somewhere other than New York, where would it be?
Probably the middle of the woods… That’s where I grew up, although I’d want it to be somewhere with real seasons (I grew up in Florida). Or Berlin!
What's your next project?
Beth Million and I have a show at the Mercury Lounge on October 5th that we're really excited about, and I'm writing some arrangements for it!